Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Fine. I admit it, recently there has been less jewellery making and selling and more pokemon making...and battling.

And no, I'm not embarrassed. 

I've also partaken in a bit of this:

Many a happy hour was spend on Lego Lord of the Rings

But it's not all been fun and games, I've had a cold for about a week, and so there's been a fair bit of this:

In bed. Not sure if that's clear...

But casting my mind back to a time when I did something a bit more productive...earlier this month I had another shared market stall, this time at the Muswell Hill Festival and (profit wise) it was painfully unsuccessful. At around 4pm we decided to pack up and call it a day. I'd made two sales in four hours, the crowds were dying down and just as we got in the car the second downpour of the day set in- good timing! The thing is, we'd all anticipated the day to be so much more successful than it was, there were plenty of people there, lots going on, a range of stalls, entertainments and apart from a short downpour around lunchtime the sun did make an appearance.

 Sorry, this was in fact the best pic I took all day

I was a bit disappointed, mostly, considering the bleak state of my finances at the moment. Even so, I maintain that it was still worth doing I think you learn something from every experience you get yourself into whether it was a positive, negative or even just a 'bleh' kind of experience. And even if you can't tell what it was exactly you got from it, I still think some useful little tidbit will have been stashed away in the back of your mind for future use. One thing I do know I took from the day was £16 which I didn't have before. But, if any stallholders happen to be reading this, I'd love to hear your perspective on disappointing market days: theories? Anecdotes?   

Hoping for a bit more luck this time, my mum and her friends have kindly volunteered to mind my stall, while I gallivant off to SARDINIA. So fear not, Fauves will once again be there at the Hitchin Craft and Farmers market on Saturday 28th September


  1. I agree that you learn/grow from all these experiences. I make minis ( and have always dreamed about selling them at a craft fair but I fear my experience will be the same as yours. How do you not get discouraged?

    1. Your work is flippin' amazing, I'm absolutely in love with mini things! I've found that craft fairs are really unpredictable for me, there have been days when I've done really well which of course is great! But even on days when I've not sold much at all I've been able to talk to some interesting people (other stall holders and stall browsers) and learn things from them and I've tended to get some nice compliments about my work. I think the most important factor for me is having a good friend there to run the stall with you, someone who you can have a natter with all day and can take over the stall when you need the loo, I think this really makes all the difference in regards to staying positive throughout the not so successful days :)